Taekwondo stretching


We will begin sign up for the 2021-2022 school year sometime in June. Keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram for the latest news if you are not a current student - they get the first notifications about sign up! You can also message us to be on our email list, notified after current students.

Working and don’t have time to bring your children to Taekwondo lesson? No problem! In BASP, we pick up your children directly from school and bring them for training and homework help until parent pick-up. We also pick up on early dismissal days free of extra charge and do all day training on teacher work days and most snow days. During school breaks, you may be interested in our camp programs.

Our current list of schools is as follows, with only a select few for Before School:

York County School Division

Coventry Elementary*
Dare Elementary*
Grafton Bethel Elementary*

Grafton Middle

Mt. Vernon Elementary*

Seaford Elementary*
Tabb Elementary*

Newport News School Division

Kiln Creek Elementary

*Before School Program available