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Infinite Possibilities

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World Taekwondo/Olympic Style and certified under Kukkiwon


Our regular program consists of evening classes that can be taken by both children and adults. Students will develop physical fitness through running, jumping, kicking, and strength training exercises, which is then used to execute and improve martial arts techniques. It’s a great workout for the whole family, and consistent effort and dedication can lead to the grand achievement of black belt – and beyond.


Explore Taekwondo in a variety of ways at World Martial Arts!


Adults and advanced students learn grappling and joint locks for a well-rounded self-defense skill set in addition to the striking techniques from Taekwondo.

We also learn how to fall and tumble safely to counter these moves!


Black belt students help teach class, strengthening their own skills and confidence in the process. Learn more about Leadership Team opportunities, such as scholarships and employment opportunities, here.

We also volunteer and give back to the community - we have a section of Route 17 that we clean three times a year for Virginia's Adopt-a-Highway Program!


Did you know Taekwondo sparring is an Olympic sport? As with everything we do, safety is the highest priority and all students are required to wear protective gear during full contact sparring.

- Learn realistic timing and distance for practical self-defense

- Challenge yourself at competitions and maybe even strive to join the national team with USA Taekwondo!


Our black belts are eligible to join the demonstration team, which learns gymnastics and acrobatic kicks to showcase the spirit of Taekwondo and the amazing capabilities of the human body.

You can see us at local events such as the Coventry Elementary 5k, which we sponsor, and Tabb Elementary Fitness Night!


Sparring is not the only way to compete! Poomsae demonstrates the power of Taekwondo in a series of set movements that can also be used for self-defense application.

We also are up to date competing with USA Taekwondo and World Taekwondo rules and guidelines.


We also offer workshops exclusively for ladies with an emphasis on building confidence and awareness in addition to learning practical techniques for self-defense. 

We can tailor these workshops specifically to your needs, such as moms or high school seniors headed to college. Request one on the contact page!

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