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At World Martial Arts, we believe in positive reinforcement for neurodiverse students. The structure in our programs can be beneficial for both children and adult students who enjoy martial arts. We have experience with many neurodiverse students, including those with:

ADHD (both medicated and unmedicated)




Dyslexia and other learning disabilities

Down Syndrome

We always recommend a free trial class to determine if our program is the right fit for you - sign up below!

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Taekwondo teaches discipline in order to show respect for others and create a better world. We apply this philosophy to our LGBTQ+ students and families. 

Steps we take to ensure our mats remain an inclusive space:

  • We acknowledge pronouns and pronoun changes.

  • We keep information private unless requested otherwise. For example, we have had trans students and we work with families on how they prefer to be addressed and handle misgendering situations.

  • We have a private, gender-neutral bathroom/changing space. This is also a great family bathroom for parents who need to assist little ones.


No matter where you are on your fitness and health journey, we understand there is not just one body type for Taekwondo. We emphasize safety first and adjust exercises for everyone's ability level. From postpartum mothers with diastasis recti to students that have never done a pushup in their entire life, we work with each individual to help them achieve their unique health goals.


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