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Black Belt of the Month - Daniel Mason

Updated: Feb 29

Black Belts of the Month are chosen to spotlight our young leaders at World Martial Arts. We are proud to have such a diverse and talented group of people on the mats! If you’d like to nominate someone, please message us at


DANIEL MASON is our black belt of the month for February 2024!

Daniel began training at WMA at five years old. He earned his black during the COVID-19 pandemic, testing outside in 80+ degree weather in June 2020. Since then, he has continued to train diligently and earned his second degree black belt in December 2022. As a part of the Leadership Team, he regularly leads the All Belt class and assists with events such as Trunk or Treat!

His favorite kick is jumping spinning back kick and his favorite form is Koryo, which is the first black belt poomsae (form) and means "scholar" or "learned man." Daniel says that Taekwondo has made him more confident and he hopes to continue training until at least he begins college.

His hobbies include Legos, drawing, gaming, and solving Rubik's cubes and other puzzles. Keep up the great work, Daniel!

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